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High Speed Mini Ring Blower introduction & application


High Speed Mini Regenerative Blower provides optimum performance by variable speed with High-efficiency BLDC(Brushless Direct Current) motor and integrated motor driver optimized for each model.

▲ Integrated Motor Drive

▲ Brushless Direct Current Motor

High Speed Mini Ring Blower consists of blower part, motor part and drive part. Box-type and pipe-type silencers can be additionally used for noise reduction. Apply side channel impeller designed with CFD(Computational Fluid Dynamics), It was manufactured of high-efficiency products for minimized loss of inlet & outlet

▲ Side channel type impeller

▲ 3D appearance of High Speed Mini Ring Blower

▲ 3D appearance of Box-Type Silencer

High Speed Mini Ring Blower can be applied to various categories such as air supplier and hydrogen recirculation device for hydrogen fuel cell, air sampling device in Air Sampler, various medical devices, Industrial equipment that uses vacuum and discharge of air in a limited space.